Kookarai Pentesting Linux

Kookarai Pentesting Linux is a Kali Linux based distribution designed for penetration testing and digital forensics. It includes a wide range of tools for these purposes, such as network mapping, vulnerability scanning, and password cracking. It is commonly used by cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts and contains several Hacking-Lab extensions like docker, browser profiles and plugins.

Download Kookarai

username = hacker
password = compass


Processor: INTEL, Windows, Linux, OSX
Please import the OVA into your VirtualBox or Vmware Workstation.


Processor: ARM for Apple M1/M2
Manual installation based on Parallels with provided installer script.


Required for: Reverse Shells
Download the VPN configuration if you don’t want to use Kookarai Pentesting Linux

Reverse Shell

A reverse shell is a type of connection in which the vulnerable target machine initiates a connection to the computer of the attacker. As the connection is initiated by the vulnerable target, it can evade firewalls and other security measures that are in place.

The firewall of Hacking-Lab is blocking outgoing traffic, except to the client VPN network. Thus, VPN is required to use reverse shell in a Hacking-Lab challenge.

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Cloud Hacking Workstation

Running the Kookarai Pentesting Linux in the Cloud? Watch this: https://youtu.be/U9BA0EIrFf4


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Hacking-Lab Cyber Range

Cyber Range

The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range is used to conduct cyber security exercises and simulations, allowing individuals and organizations to practice and test their cyber defenses and incident response capabilities.

CTF Event

Hacking-Lab is running many public and private capture the flag (CTF) events. In a CTF, you will have the opportunity to test your skills in a variety of areas such as web security, penetration testing, forensics and more.


Please visit the Hacking-Lab blog that will explain how to start and work with Hacking-Lab. It will explain reverse shells and more. This is a recommended for everyone interested to work with Hacking-Lab.

Hacking-Lab Cyber Range

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